Take Care Of Your Dryer With These Appliance Maintenance Tips | A-Tech

The dryer is one of your appliances that needs consistent maintenance. Without regular inspection, problems can occur with electrical and gas connections, as well as issues caused by the high heat and rapid spinning motion of the dryer. At ATech Appliance, we want to make sure your dryer lasts as long as possible. Follow these appliance maintenance tips to extend the life of your dryer.

Clean Out the Lint

It’s easy to forget about the lint trap. If left full, it can open while your dryer is in use, increasing fire risk. A full lint trap reduces the dryer’s efficiency, forcing it to work harder and longer to dry your clothes.

Swap Out the White Vinyl Dryer Tube

Do you have a white vinyl tube running out of the back end of the dryer? Replace the vinyl tube with an aluminum piece. Aluminum can handle the heat better, is more flexible. And is better at moving heat away from your dryer. Clean the area around the venting tube, as lint often forms here.

Pay Attention to Dryer Time

Monitor your drying times. If the dryer is taking longer than usual for a standard load, it means something is wrong. Have your equipment inspected by a professional to increase efficiency.

By following these appliance maintenance tips, you will extend the life of any dryer while reducing the frequency of repairs. If you have any questions about appliances, your dryer isn’t functioning correctly, or you need more appliance maintenance tips, call the professionals at A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service today.