Is your garbage disposal acting up? If so, you’re probably noticing an undesirable odor coming from the sink all while the sink is not pushing down food debris as normal. Whatever the cause of the problem is, you need to give our team at A-Tech Appliance a call. No matter the problem or the brand of garbage disposal, we’re here to assist.

Funky Smells

There’s nothing worse than walking into your kitchen only to be hit in the face by a funky odor. This means something is rotting within your sink. There’s a good chance the decomposing food is stuck under the blades or within the disposal itself. Our team can go in, clean the garbage disposal, and remove the odor from your kitchen.

Disposal Not Running

If your disposal isn’t running at all, there are a few potential problems. If you hear a hum sound coming from the disposal but it isn’t running it is likely because the blades are stuck. Blades become stuck when food particles and other material that should not be put down the drain have collected around the blades. Coffee grounds are some leading culprits behind this problem. Additionally, putting flour, pasta or rice down the drain will lead to issues. Whatever is causing the disposal to not run our team here at A-Tech will remove the debris and restore functionality to your garbage disposal. This will fix the issues with your appliance.

When dealing with garbage disposals it is important to properly care for the appliance. The best way to do this is to regularly use a disposal cleaner while not putting food debris down the sink that will lead to problems. If you are experiencing performance issues with your garbage disposal, give our team a call. At A-Tech Appliance, we’re always here to help.