There is no sense replacing your dishwasher if it can be repaired.  Do not assume your dishwasher is shot simply because it no longer cleans dishes like it used to.  A-Tech is here to repair your broken dishwasher, suggest ways to improve its functionality and ultimately extend its useful life.

Use Hot Water as Opposed to Warm Water

It is a mistake to use lukewarm water when washing dishes.  Run your dishwasher with hot water every single time.  Though heating up water requires more energy, such water will improve your dishwasher’s functionality across posterity.  In general, running a dishwasher at a temperature below 125 degrees Fahrenheit causes detergent residue to accumulate.  If detergent residue continues to accumulate, the dishwasher lifespan will decrease.

Clean the Dishwasher Filter

Most dishwashers are built with filters, typically positioned at the bottom of the unit.  Such filters collect food to the point that clogging can occur.  If enough food is caught, the dishwasher lifespan will prove that much shorter.  Take a close look at your dishwasher filters every single week.  If there is any buildup in the filter, clean it out right away.

Lean on the Experts for Dishwasher Servicing and Repair

Dishwashers require maintenance and repair just like every other appliance.  Let an A-Tech appliance expert perform a general check-up of your dishwasher at least once every couple of years.  Furthermore, do not fall into the trap of attempting a DIY (do it yourself) repair.  Let the professionals handle the repairs to ensure the machine functions exactly as it should across posterity.  This way, you won’t have to worry about potentially sabotaging your dishwasher with a faulty DIY repair attempt. Contact us today to schedule the maintenance or repair of your dishwasher or other appliance.