5 Reasons Why Your Dishes Aren’t Drying | Dishwasher Repair

Have you discovered your dishes are still soaking wet after you open the dishwasher up? You don’t have the time to hand-dry them, so you’re forced to let the dishes sit there in the open air. But what’s preventing your dishwasher from drying? Here are five reasons why your dishes aren’t drying.

1. Check the Settings

Here’s the first logical place to start. Look over your dishwasher settings and make sure it’s set to auto dry. It’s pretty easy to accidentally knock this setting off so just double-check before moving on with the troubleshooting.

2. You’re Washing Plastics

The material of your dishes makes a bit difference in whether it dries quickly or not. Moisture left on plastic does not dry as quickly as it does on glass or ceramic. This is because water sticks to the plastic and doesn’t evaporate as quickly. Plus, heat is held within the ceramic, speeding up the removal of moisture. If you use mostly plastic this could be a reason.

3. Damaged Heat Setting

If your appliance is unable to generate the necessary heat the plates will not dry. So if the contents of the appliance are cold to the touch it means there’s a problem with the heat setting and it needs repairs.

4. Not Enough Space

If you’re stacking plates on top of one another there isn’t enough space for everything to dry. Increase the amount of space to see if this helps.

5. Turn On the Heat Feature

This increases the appliance’s drying potential.

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