Your refrigerator is the most used and needed appliance in your home. If the fridge goes out, it is often a rush to find places for your food. This is why understanding basic troubleshooting for refrigerators is important. Here are a few tips to follow should you discover the fridge is acting up.

Not Working and Light Doesn’t Turn On

If the fridge just isn’t working at all, there are a few quick troubleshooting steps you need to follow. First, check to make sure it is plugged in, then look to see if you’ve tripped the circuit breaker. If everything looks good, plug another appliance into the outlet. If the other appliance works, it means there is a problem with the refrigerator and you need it serviced. You should also look to move your perishable items.

Light Works But Fridge Doesn’t Work

If the light is on, you’re receiving power. First start by checking the temperature setting as it may have just been bumped. Next, pull the refrigerator away from the back wall a few inches. You should have about three inches between the back wall to allow proper air circulation. Then clean out the condenser coils located on the rear of the fridge. If these tips don’t work, you likely need something replaced.

Bulb Doesn’t Work

If the bulb isn’t working, test the door switch. Keep the door open and push down on the switch to see if the light goes off or on. If this doesn’t work, change out the bulb.

If you are having problems with refrigerators, it is always best to correct the issue now instead of waiting for it to develop into a much more serious – and costly – situation. So, contact us at A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service for any and all of your refrigerator and appliance needs.