Even as advancements are made in the fight against COVID-19, the virus, and our understanding of it, continues to evolve. That’s why using multiple measures can be key to avoiding illness and reducing positivity rates. Can air purifiers prevent COVID-19 transmission? While they can’t do so on their own, air purifiers can be used with other methods to lessen exposure. Learn more about the role of air purifiers in reducing risk and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Can Air Purifiers Prevent COVID-19 in My Home?

We’ve learned that COVID-19 transmission most likely occurs through airborne droplets that linger in the air around us, particularly indoors. HVAC air purifiers like iWave generate ions that break down airborne particles such as viruses, allergens, and mold, leaving them harmless.

Can air purifiers prevent COVID-19 from spreading? Along with other measures, their technology can be a valuable tool in reducing virus transmission.

Do Air Purifiers Prevent COVID-19 Transmission Indoors?

The latest information suggests that airborne virus particles are more transmittable indoors. While masks and social distancing lessen exposure through close contact, can air purifiers remove viruses from indoor air? 

Testing of air purifiers has demonstrated their ability to break down virus particles so they’re no longer harmful. Consequently, air purifiers have been installed at schools, doctor’s offices and shopping malls and can have the same benefits in residential homes.

So can air purifiers prevent coronavirus on their own? While air purifiers are effective, they’re best used with masks and social distancing to significantly reduce risk and exposure indoors. 

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When answering, can air purifiers prevent COVID-19 transmission, John Gardiner Allen, a Harvard environmental health researcher, says it best: “No one strategy alone is going to work. But if we layer enough of these on top of each other, we can significantly reduce risks.”

Will an Air Purifier Reduce Transmission if Someone is Sick?

While they’re best used with other measures, it begs the question, “can air purifiers help with COVID transmission if someone is in your home is sick?” Placing an air purifier in a sick person’s room can help break down airborne virus particles.

Here’s how to maximize the benefits of portable air purifiers when caring for someone who is sick:

  • Position the air purifier in close proximity to the sick person, within 3ft if possible.
  • Run the air purifier 24 hours/day at the highest speed that won’t be disruptive.
  • Place the air purifier away from objects that can block airflow, like curtains or furniture.
  • Keep the door to the room closed.
  • Don’t touch the air purifier when it’s in use and bring it outside to change the filter. Always wear a mask and gloves when handling the air purifier.

Do HVAC Systems Help Reduce the Spread of the Coronavirus?

HVAC systems can filter the air of some particles but, like other single measures, they can’t fight coronavirus alone. The large virus droplets that an HVAC system can capture don’t stay airborne for long. Do air purifiers work for COVID prevention when paired with an HVAC system? Along with social distancing and consistent mask use, air purifiers and HVAC systems can help reduce the virus’ spread.

Follow these tips to make the most of your HVAC’s system’s potential benefits, specifically if someone is sick:

  • Run the HVAC fan continuously: The fan can be run without heat or air conditioning to filter the air.
  • Maintain your HVAC system: Perform regular filter changes and duct cleanings to remove lingering virus particles. When replacing the filter, make sure it’s installed correctly and is the proper size.
  • Upgrade the filter: Consider investing in a HEPA filter or the highest quality filter your system accommodates.
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Can air purifiers prevent COVID-19 from spreading? While they can’t fight the battle alone, they can work with other strategies to reduce transmission. Learn more about an HVAC air purifier like iWave by calling A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service.