steam cleaning your microwave

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Microwave

Maintaining a clean kitchen is essential for good health and the longevity of your appliances, and one often overlooked appliance in this regard is the microwave oven. However, cleaning your oven is an essential task you should not neglect. Steam cleaning your microwave is one of the easiest cleaning methods because it removes the need for manually scrubbing away tough stains. Read on to learn about more of the benefits and step-by-step instructions for steam cleaning your microwave and tips to keep it clean!

Steps for Steam Cleaning Your Microwave

To steam clean your microwave, you’ll need water, vinegar, a microwave-safe bowl or container, and a damp cloth or sponge.

Steam cleaning involves using steam to loosen and soften grease, grime, or food particles that may be stuck to the oven’s walls or surfaces. Loosening tough stains removes the need for using more elbow grease, making the whole cleaning process easier, more time, and more cost-effective.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Microwave

Steam cleaning is more beneficial than other cleaning methods for several reasons.

  • More hygienic cleaning method, as it kills germs and bacteria, making your microwave safer to use.
  • It requires little to no scrubbing, making it a convenient and time-saving option.
  • A cost-effective method that can save you money on cleaning supplies in the long run.
  • An environmentally friendly way to clean your microwave, as it does not require any harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.

Steps for Steam Cleaning Your Microwave Oven

  1. Fill a microwave-safe bowl or container with water and add one to two tablespoons of vinegar.
  2. Place the bowl or container in the microwave and heat on high for five minutes.
  3. After five minutes, carefully remove the bowl or container and wipe down the oven’s interior with a damp cloth or sponge.
  4. Allow the steam to sit for a few minutes before wiping for tougher stains.

*Bonus Tip: If your microwave has strong odors, add half a lemon to the container of water and let the steam of the water and lemon mixture soften hard stains and remove odors simultaneously!

Maintenance and Prevention

To maintain a clean microwave, follow these few simple tips!

  • Use microwave-safe covers to prevent food from splattering
  • Wipe down the oven’s interior after each use.
  • If you notice any spills or stains, clean them up immediately to prevent them from hardening and becoming more challenging to remove.

Steam cleaning is a straightforward, effective, and environmentally friendly way to clean your oven, and it offers several benefits over other cleaning methods. If you experience any issues with your microwave oven or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the microwave oven repair experts at A-Tech Appliance Parts and Service.

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