common problems with your maytag dryer

Common Dryer Repair Problems

Dryer appliance technology is continuously advancing, making laundry chores a breeze. Your dryer does so much for you, so when it breaks down, laundry day becomes a huge hassle. You may be tempted to call a professional right away, but you can troubleshoot some of the most common dryer repair problems yourself!

How to Troubleshoot Common Dryer Repair Problems

We work on laundry appliances every day, and we’ve seen every issue under the sun. If you’re looking for dryer problems solutions, you’ve come to the right place! Let us help you troubleshoot these common dryer repair problems:

Dryer Won’t Heat

The first thing to check while dryer troubleshooting is to check the heating element. One reason why a heating element fails is a blown thermal fuse. Thermal fuses are safety devices that prevent overheating. Anytime the dryer overheats, the fuse will automatically cause the power source to shut off. In turn, the heating element won’t turn on.

It’s also possible that the heating element itself is burned out. In this case, the heating element needs to be replaced.

Other Causes: If the heating element or thermal fuse is not the culprit, a faulty thermostat or flame sensor could be at fault.

Dryer Won’t Spin

Another common dryer repair problem is when your dryer won’t spin. When it comes to a dryer drum not turning, the most common part failures you’ll run into are a broken drive belt and worn drum rollers.

The drive belt helps the drum turn, and if it becomes loose or broken, the drum won’t spin. Drum rollers also assist in turning a dryer drum. When these rollers wear down, they can’t move freely, and the drum can’t spin. In either case, these parts need to be replaced to resolve this common dryer problem.

Other Causes: In some cases, the drum bearing is worn, or the drive motor has failed.

common dryer repair problems

Dryer Won’t Start

Don’t give up on your dryer if it doesn’t start at all. Your dryer isn’t doomed as there are many simple reasons why a dryer won’t turn on. First, check the incoming power to your dryer. Make sure the plug is seated correctly, all power switches are on, and reset the breaker.

If a lack of incoming power isn’t the cause, the start switch itself may be faulty and needs replacement. Another simple reason why a dryer won’t start is a broken door switch. When the switch doesn’t recognize the door is closed, the dryer won’t start.

Other Causes: A blown thermal fuse, defective main control board, and a faulty belt switch are possible diagnoses.

Once you’ve done some dryer troubleshooting and determine you need professional dryer repair services, give A-Tech Appliance a call.

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