A vent hood helps with collecting smoke, steam, and other potential cooking by-products. Whether you are avoiding a fire or preventing the collection of large amounts of steam, a vent hood is an extremely helpful appliances. However, like any other appliance, the equipment may run into problems. If you are experiencing an issue with your vent hoods, we at A-Tech Appliance can assist.

Damaged Motor

There are a few moving parts within a vent hood, all of which play an important role. Due to this, the most common issue you’ll face is a damaged motor. The motor to the vent fan may corrode due to moisture or collected oil, both of which are commonly found in the smoke and steam of food. Eventually, the motor may fail on you, in which case you’ll likely need to have it replaced.


Corrosion is another issue found within. Often times, the underside does not become clean, simply because it is not plainly visible. However, this area within collects a considerable amount of debris throughout the cooking process. Oil collects within, sticking parts unable to be seen. If it is not properly cleaned on a regular basis, which includes removing the oil, the vent may begin to corrode. In some cases, this can be corrected with a deep cleaning; however, in other instances, it may completely deteriorate certain elements.

No matter the problems you are facing in regards to your vent hood, our team of specially trained and certified technicians are here to assist you. Whether you have a question regarding troubleshooting or you need to have the vent hood repaired, give us a call at A-Tech Appliance. We’re always here to assist in any possible manner.