Are you concerned that your freezer isn’t working as well as in the past? Various signs can indicate that your unit is past its prime and should be replaced. If yours has one or more signs, then you need to contact a professional appliance service provider. At A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service, our experienced team can make an assessment of your freezer to determine whether it is repairable or needs replacement.

Water on the Floor

Puddles can result from multiple causes, including a broken drip pan or a poor door seal. The water is not only unsightly, it is a danger to anyone walking in your kitchen.  Rather than attempting to diagnose the reason for the leak, have an appliance expert do it to ensure that it is fixed correctly.

Frost or Ice in Fridge

If you find signs of frost in your refrigerator, you might need to replace the entire unit. This improper temperature balance can put all of your food at risk.

Not Cold Enough

In some cases, the thermostat just needs to be adjusted. However, if that doesn’t work, your unit might be broken. An experienced technician can help you determine an appropriate course of action.

What To Do Next

If your freezer is keeping foods frozen properly and has no leaks,  it is probably operating efficiently. However, if you hear banging noises or have excess freezer frost, you should have an expert check it out.

At A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service, we have served customers in Little Rock, Fort Smith and throughout Northwest Arkansas for two decades. Contact us if you are still concerned about your freezing unit.