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Troubleshooting Tips For a GE Dryer Making Noise

A dryer making loud noise calls for a quick diagnosis so you can return to peace and quiet. But how can you find the source of the sound, let alone fix it? We’ll troubleshoot common reasons for a GE dryer making noise, like a worn drum bearing or defective drum roller, to pinpoint the problem.

Common Causes for a GE Dryer Making Noise

Unexpected thumping and banging noises are alarming on their own, let alone when they’re coming from your dryer. Our troubleshooting guide can help diagnose the problem and recommend the right fix. But a GE dryer making noise isn’t always indicative of a problem. First, we’ll clarify the differences between normal and abnormal dryer sounds.

What Your GE Dryer Should Sound Like

Normal dryer noise, like the sound of the drum as it turns, is so familiar that it often fades into the background. A squeak when the dryer begins operation or a quick buzzing sound when a gas dryer’s solenoid valve opens is also considered normal. However, if the gas valve solenoid is defective, you may notice your dryer takes too long to dry.

The following sounds can also indicate a problem and require some investigating when your GE dryer runs loud:

  • Thumping
  • Humming or rumbling
  • Scraping
  • Repeated squeaking

#1 Drum Bearing is Worn

A worn drum bearing is often responsible if you notice your GE dryer squeaking while operating. The drum bearing supports the back of the dryer drum and helps turn the pulleys that suspend the drive belt. While a drum bearing can wear with time, frequent overloading can cause premature wear and tear.

To diagnose a worn drum bearing, remove the dryer belt and try to turn the dryer drum yourself. If you find the dryer squeaking when the drum spins by hand, a worn dryer bearing is likely the cause. A worn bearing cannot be fixed and requires replacement.

#2 Drive Belt is Loose or Damaged

One of the more common causes for a GE dryer making noise is a loose or damaged drive belt. Suspended between the drive motor and a tension pulley, this narrow rubber belt supports the weight of the dryer drum as it spins. Given this function, the belt can fray, tear, and even break over time, preventing the dryer drum from turning. A loose belt can also cause the drum to make thumping sounds as it turns.

Drive belt damage can be assessed with a visual inspection. A drive belt that is stretched, torn, or broken needs to be replaced.

GE dryer making noise
Step-by-step instructions for replacing a worn belt can be found here. Image: GE Appliances


#3 Drum Roller is Defective

Drum rollers help hold the dryer drum in place as it turns. Typically there are two drum rollers in the back of the dryer drum, while some dryers have an additional two in the front. Over time, the rubber on these rollers can wear out, or the shaft they rest on can become damaged.

Typical signs of drum roller damage include scraping or rumbling sounds when the drum turns. Visually inspecting the rollers can also confirm wear and tear. Even if just one roller is damaged, we recommend replacing all of them at the same time.

Replacing dryer parts without any prior experience can feel overwhelming. If your GE dryer making noise continues or you need help with parts replacement, call A-Tech Appliance Service. We offer the most professional GE dryer repair in Little Rock.

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