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Why is My GE Electric Oven Not Heating Up?

Sure, appliance malfunctions happen sometimes. But oven malfunctions that interfere with dinner are especially inconvenient. We’ll troubleshoot the parts responsible for a GE electric oven not heating up from a burned-out bake element to a blown thermal fuse.

GE Electric Oven Not Heating Up? Here’s How to Find the Glitch

Though we may not be baking cookies every day, no one wants their GE oven not baking properly when we want them. To save troubleshooting time, our list of reasons for a GE electric oven not heating pinpoints the most common parts responsible. Since baking opportunities may be few, nothing should stand in our way.

Bake Element is Burned Out

Is your GE oven not getting hot at all? If this is the case, a burned-out bake element could be to blame. The bake element is located at the bottom of the oven and provides heat for roasting and baking by receiving electric current. When the bake element is working properly it will glow red and provide a steady, even heat.

A bake element can burn out over time or when repeatedly exposed to high temperatures, specifically during an oven’s self-cleaning feature. You can avoid the self-clean cycle and potential damage to the bake element with these oven cleaning tips.

You can identify a burned-out bake element by examining it for damage or testing it for continuity with a multimeter. Another sign of malfunction is if the bake element isn’t glowing red or only glowing in certain spots. Unfortunately, a burned-out bake element needs replacement if it fails.

ge electric oven not heating
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Broil Element is Burned Out

Similar to the bake element, the broil element is located at the top of the oven and provides heat specifically for broiling as well as baking and roasting. If the bake element is burned out, you’ll be unable to use the broil function. You’ll also notice your electric oven not heating evenly since only the bake element will be providing heat. Additional signs of a burned-out broil element include:

  • Visible damage, breakage, or blistering
  • An interrupted red glow or no glow at all
  • A lack of continuity when tested with a multimeter

If the broil element is burned out, it must be replaced.

Oven Control Board is Faulty

A faulty oven control board can also be responsible for your GE electric oven not heating as it should. The oven control board works with the oven sensor to maintain the oven’s temperature. If either the sensor or the control board malfunction, the oven temperature won’t be accurate. Consequently, foods may take a longer or shorter time to cook.

Some oven models enable you to adjust the oven control board, recalibrating it higher or lower to better reflect the oven’s temperature. We suggest referring to your owner’s manual to determine how to use this feature for your oven.

Thermal Fuse Has Blown

An electric oven’s thermal fuse is a protective component that will trip if the oven’s internal temperature is too hot. As soon as the fuse blows, the power to the oven is cut off, forcing it to cool down. Sometimes the fuse will blow when exposed to the high temperatures of the oven’s self-cleaning cycle. In other instances, it can happen if the fuse is faulty.

The thermal fuse can be tested with a multimeter to determine continuity. If there is no continuity, the fuse should be replaced.

A-Tech Appliance Parts and Service can make sure your oven is ready and waiting when you need it. Whether it’s a GE electric oven not heating or another oven malfunction, we can help with any repair.

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