A stainless steel refrigerator is a stunning choice for any kitchen. However, stainless steel tends to show off every streak and fingerprint it collects. Additionally, it can scratch if you aren’t careful when wiping it down, so you need to know the proper way to clean a stainless steel refrigerator.

Your Guide to a Clean Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Knowing how to clean a stainless steel refrigerator is a great skill to have, especially if you own multiple stainless steel appliances. Take it from the refrigerator experts at A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service – here’s how we clean fingerprints off stainless steel refrigerators:

Use a Microfiber Cloth

The key to scratch-free stainless steel cleaning is using a microfiber cloth. It’s important never to use abrasive rough cleaning pads or brushes. Plus, you can clean microfiber cloths in the washing machine afterward! Paper towels are a tempting choice, but you’ll run out quickly and some brands can be too rough for stainless steel.

clean stainless steel refrigerator

Spray with Vinegar

You don’t need abrasive cleaners to get those tough stains out. In fact, harsh cleaning solutions can damage stainless steel. The best way to clean stainless steel refrigerators is with ingredients you already have in your home.

First, spray your refrigerator with white distilled vinegar. Wipe down the surface with a microfiber cloth, following the grain of the steel. If you look closely, you’ll see it either runs left to right or up and down. Following the grain allows for a deeper clean.

Wipe Down with Olive Oil

After the initial clean with vinegar, dip your microfiber cloth into some olive oil (just a small dab) and wipe it over the surface. This helps clean any remaining fingerprints or food splatters on your refrigerator. Plus, using olive oil when you clean stainless steel refrigerators will help bring out a lasting, brilliant shine on your appliance.

You’ll always have a sparkling refrigerator if you take advantage of these stainless steel cleaning tips.