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How to Clean a Glass Top Stove Without Scratching It

When you’re getting dinner on the table, you can’t always pause to address every splash or spill on your glass stovetop. Yet a post-dinner cleanup may have you wondering how to begin cleaning crusted-over spills on this delicate surface. We’ll show you how to clean a glass top stove from choosing the right supplies to executing that final polish.

How to Clean A Glass Top Stove Safely and Easily

The beauty of a glass top stove lies in its smooth, mirror-like surface. So scrubbing or scraping stains and spills may seem like a recipe for disaster. Our step-by-step guide for how to clean a glass stovetop will clean it safely and get you out of the kitchen in no time.

Step #1: Remove Large Food Particles From Glass Range Top

Knowing how to clean a glass top stove starts before even introducing any water or cleaning solutions. We first recommend waiting until your cooktop is cool. With a dry paper towel, wipe up as many food particles and liquid spills as possible.

Step #2: Gather Cleaning Supplies

Once the larger spills and food remnants have been removed, you can collect the cleaning supplies you’ll need for the rest of the job. The simple household items you need to clean a glass cooktop include:

  • A microfiber cloth
  • 1 dish sponge
  • Baking soda
  • Rubber gloves
  • 1 bowl of hot water mixed with dish liquid
  • Clean cloths

Step #3: Soak Cloths

After putting on rubber gloves to protect your hands, place the clean cloths in the bowl of hot water and dish liquid to soak.

Step #4: Sprinkle Glass Range Top with Baking Soda

While the cloths are soaking, sprinkle the glass stovetop liberally with baking soda.

how to clean a glass top stove
Image Credit: Clean My Space

Step #5: Layer Wet Cloths on Glass Stovetop

Remove the soaking cloths from the bowl of hot water and squeeze them out about halfway. Unfold each cloth and place it directly on top of the stovetop.

Step #6: Allow Rags and Baking Soda to Sit

Knowing how to clean a glass top stove includes knowing when to let your supplies do their work. Let the hot, wet cloths and baking soda sit on the stovetop undisturbed for 15 minutes. If your stovetop is particularly messy, allow the baking soda and rags to sit for up to 30 minutes.

Step #7: Remove Rags and Wipe Away Baking Soda and Spills

Remove the rags from the stovetop and wipe up the baking soda, spills, and food particles. We suggest starting at the top of the stovetop and continuing downward in an “S” pattern.

how to clean a glass range top
Image Credit: Clean My Space

Step #8: Use a Sponge to Wipe Away Remaining Debris

Remove any remaining debris and moisture with the soft side of your sponge.

Step #9: Give Glass Range Top a Polish

Using your dry microfiber cloth, rub it throughout the surface of the cooktop to give it a quick shine.

Bonus Step for Heavy Staining

Knowing how to clean a glass range top with especially heavy staining is best done with a plastic scraper. Holding the scraper at a 45-degree angle on a damp stovetop, gently scrape to remove stains and spills safely.

From how to clean a glass top stove to the most complex range repair A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service can help. Give us a call for all of your appliance needs!

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