how to change Samsung refrigerator water filter

How to Replace Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter & Other FAQs

While your refrigerator requires very little maintenance, regular water filter changes are essential to prevent bigger problems. Wondering how to replace Samsung refrigerator water filter? Knowing where the filter is located dictates how it should be removed and replaced. Learn how to change Samsung refrigerator water filter with this simple step-by-step guide.

Your Questions, Answered: How to Replace Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Knowing when to change your refrigerator water filter is just as important as how it’s done. Before we answer how to replace Samsung refrigerator water filter, here’s how to know when it’s time.

FAQ #1: How Often Should I Change My Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter?

Samsung recommends changing the refrigerator water filter every 6 months, or after 300 gallons have been dispensed. However, how often to change water filter in refrigerator also depends on its usage, flow rate and your water supply quality. Heavy usage, a rapid flow rate and a hard water supply may dictate more frequent filter changes. 

replace Samsung refrigerator water filter
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FAQ #2: What Are The Signs That I Need to Replace the Water Filter?

Even if you don’t remember your last filter change, your refrigerator usually exhibits at least one key sign that it’s time.

These signs indicate it’s time to replace Samsung refrigerator water filter:

  • Samsung water filter indicator light changes color: When the filter is functioning optimally, the indicator light remains yellow or green. It turns purple when it’s almost time for a change and red when the filter should be changed as soon as possible.
  • Ice tastes and smells bad: Ice and dispensed water may have an unpleasant odor and strange taste due a buildup of impurities in the filter.
  • Decreased water pressure: Accumulated impurities can also decrease the dispenser’s water pressure. When this happens less water is dispensed or takes a longer amount of time.

FAQ #3: How to Replace Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

The process for changing a Samsung refrigerator water filter varies depending on your model refrigerator. We’ll detail how to replace the filter at two common locations: the base grille and the upper right corner of the interior. Can you change Samsung water filter without turning off water? To avoid leaks it’s necessary to turn off your refrigerator’s water supply before replacing either filter.

How to replace Samsung refrigerator water filter in the base grille:

  • Pull out the bottom freezer door.
  • Open the filter cover door on the bottom left corner of the grille by pressing it inward until it releases.
  • To unlock the filter, rotate it counterclockwise and pull it straight out.
  • Take off the new filter’s packaging and remove its cap.
  • Push the new filter straight into the filter housing and turn it clockwise until it locks in place. When secure, the lock symbol should align with the indicator line.
  • Close the filter cover door and turn on the water supply.
  • Dispense and dispose of 3 gallons of water to rid the system of air and impurities.
  • Hold down the filter indicator light button for 3 seconds to reset the light.

How to change an interior Samsung refrigerator water filter:

  • Locate the filter in the back upper right corner of the interior.
  • Twist the filter to the left to unlock it.
  • Remove the filter by pulling it straight down.
  • Place the new filter in the filter housing and push up while twisting it to the right.
  • When the notch on the filter aligns with the arrow on the filter housing it should be locked in place.
  • Turn on the water supply and dispense and dispose of 3 gallons of water to flush the system.
  • Perform a Samsung water filter reset by holding the filter reset button for 3 seconds. On some refrigerator models and touch screens, it may be necessary to press more than one button to reset the filter.

If you have trouble replacing your filter or notice that the filter housing is damaged, A-Tech Appliance can help. Our technicians can perform any Samsung refrigerator repair.

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