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Why Is My Range Heating Element Not Working?

The red glow and radiant heat of an electric stove burner are clear and familiar indicators of its function. So much so that their absence immediately signifies a problem. Why is my range heating element not working? The wires that deliver electricity to the heating element may be loose or burned out. Troubleshoot an electric stove not heating up with these common causes.

How to Fix a Range Heating Element Not Working Properly

In most cases, a part failure is responsible for a range heating element not working. While an experienced DIYer may be able to address some issues, a professional repair service can provide a quick and straightforward fix.

Lack of Incoming Power

Before assessing for part malfunctions, check your range’s power sources to make sure they’re providing adequate electrical power.

Here’s how to assess for power problems:

  • Make sure the range is properly plugged in: Check the range’s electrical cord to make sure it’s free of damage and completely plugged into a functioning outlet. Avoid using extension cords that can’t supply the voltage the range requires, causing surges that cut off power.
  • Check the outlet’s voltage: An electric range requires an outlet that can deliver 220 volts of alternating current. If it’s receiving less than that, the heating element won’t work. Test the outlet with a multimeter to make sure it provides the right amount of voltage.
  • Look for tripped breakers: Check your home’s circuit breaker box for tripped breakers, resetting any if necessary.

electric stove not heating up

Wiring is Loose or Burnt

If the range’s power sources are working properly, loose or burnt wiring may be responsible for the electric stove burner not working. These small, thin wires are connected to the burner via a receptacle that receives the voltage from your home electrical supply. If the wires or receptacle components are not properly connected or burnt out, voltage won’t reach the burner.

Inspect the burner’s wiring, tightening any loose connections in the receptacle. If the wiring or the receptacle contacts or prongs appear burnt, they require replacement.

Defective Surface Element Switch

When a burner’s control knob is turned on, it prompts the start switch to send voltage to the burner so it heats up. If the switch is defective, it won’t provide the burner with the voltage it needs to heat.

To determine if the surface element switch is the reason for your range heating element not working, try turning on another stove burner. If that burner also doesn’t heat up, the start switch is likely defective and must be replaced.

Broken Heating Element

Often, an issue with the heating element itself can prevent it from heating up. Coil surface burners can burn out or suffer damage like cracks and breakage that prevent them from heating. Radiant heating elements can also burn out or become damaged without the right electric stove maintenance that cleans them properly. 

how do you test a burner element


How do you test a burner element? Use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If either type of element shows damage or a lack of continuity, it should be replaced.

Surface Element Board Has Failed

If you still find your electric stove heating element not working after trying the above tips, it’s possible the surface element board failed. This internal computerized component uses relays to regulate the power to various range components. If one or more of the relays fails, the burner may not receive power.

electric stove heating element not working

Two or more failed burners are usually a sign that the surface element board has failed. A failed board can’t be repaired and should be professionally replaced.

The technicians at A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service can fix a range heating element not working and other common range problems. Call us for any electric range repair!

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