Samsung washer smells like mold

Samsung Front Load Washer Smells Bad? Here’s How to Clean It

Though front load washers have many advantages, being prone to odor is a common drawback. Fortunately, the right cleaning methods and prevention tips can help banish bad smells. We’ll discuss simple but effective cleaning methods for the interior, pump filter and gasket when your Samsung front load washer smells bad.

Cleaning Tips and Prevention Tricks When Your Samsung Front Load Washer Smells Bad

Though knowing how to clean Samsung front load washer components effectively will dispel bad smells, understanding why odor occurs is just as important. We’ll also review how to prevent washer odor from returning with regular maintenance.

Why Does My Samsung Front Load Washer Smell Bad?

While your washer drains away the majority of dirt, hair and soapsuds, some of these particles inevitably remain behind. This is more likely if you use too much detergent with each wash load, creating an excess of suds.

In the washer’s warm, moist environment mold and mildew can quickly develop on these remaining particles, causing an unpleasant odor as they multiply. The interior walls, gasket, and filter become favorite hiding spots when your Samsung front load washer smells bad and isn’t cleaned regularly.

Run Your Samsung Washer’s Self Clean Cycle

When your Samsung washer smells like mold, cleaning the washtub’s interior can help eliminate odor. Your washer’s self clean cycle does most of the work with these simple steps:

  1. Make sure washer tub is empty and completely dry before starting cycle.
  2. Fill detergent compartment to fill line with liquid chlorine bleach.
  3. Close the door, press the Power button and select the Self Clean, Self Clean+ or Pure Cycle, depending on your model washer.
  4. Press the Start button. The Self Clean function will last from 1-4 hours.
  5. When the cycle is over, wipe away any washer tub residue with paper towels.
  6. A Rinse + Spin Cycle may be necessary for remaining residue.
  7. Repeat process as needed for persistent mold and mildew.
  8. Leave the washer door open to allow for air-drying.

How to Clean the Washer Pump Filter

The pump filter on a front load washer screens out debris to keep it from clogging the drain. When your Samsung front load washer smells bad, cleaning the filter can help dispel odor:

  1. The pump filter access panel is located at the bottom of the washer in the front, right corner. Press the cover to open the panel.
  2. Place a towel and a shallow drain pain under the drain hose.
  3. Twist drain hose cap to remove and allow any water to drain.
  4. Remove pump filter by twisting counter clockwise.
  5. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub debris from filter, rinsing under warm, running water.
  6. Reinsert filter by twisting clockwise.
  7. Replace drain hose cap and close access panel.
Samsung front load washer smells bad
Image Credit: Samsung

How to Clean Front Load Washer Gasket

The rubber gasket around a front load washer’s door creates a seal to prevent leaks. However, the gasket can also be a catchall for debris when your washing machine smells like mildew. Here’s how clean the gasket quickly and easily:

  1. Open washer door and peel back gasket so interior is visible.
  2. Remove any visible objects like paper clips, nails or coins.
  3. Wipe away any noticeable dust or hair.
  4. Remove mildew from gasket by spraying with warm, soapy water or a commercial mildew cleaner. Wipe down with a clean cloth.
  5. Scrub persistent mildew stains with a toothbrush dipped in a 10% bleach solution.

how to clean Samsung front load washer

How to Prevent Washer Odors

Performing these cleaning techniques on a regular monthly basis can help prevent front load washer odor. The following tips can also help avoid an odor takeover:

  • Remove wet clothes as soon as the wash cycle ends to prevent moisture from creating odors.
  • Use the recommended amount of detergent to avoid excess suds that promote mildew growth.
  • Leave washer door open when not in use to allow for air drying.

Whether your Samsung washer smells bad or you have a washer making loud noises, A-Tech Appliance Parts and Service can help. Call the washer repair experts for any repair needs!

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