Whether you’re gearing up for those summer BBQs or have discovered a new roast recipe, making sure your oven works properly is essential. At A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service, we want to do whatever we can to assist! So whether you need full-service repairs, parts, or other assistance, our team is capable of working on nearly all brands of ovens. If your oven is not functioning correctly, here are a few basic troubleshooting tips to try before contacting the professionals.

Doesn’t Hold Temperature

There are a few reasons why this might happen, the most typical being that over time, the thermostat may start to fail. A simple calibration is a common fix (although an oven thermostat is required). Your oven’s owner’s manual (available on the manufacturer’s website if you no longer have it) will show you how. If you don’t feel comfortable calibrating the temperature, A-Tech Appliance can assist!

Doesn’t Turn On

If your oven doesn’t turn on, don’t keep flipping the switch trying to force it – this increases the chance of an electrical shock. The reason could be anything, from problems with poor control, severed or frayed wires, or other damaged elements. This is something you need to have professionally repaired.


Has rust started to develop within the oven? You may be surprised to learn this is a common issue. Cooking moisture clings to the oven, and eventually, it will eat away at the metal. If this happens, you’ll need to replace the oven.

No matter the problem or the kind of ovens, at A-Tech Appliance, your needs are our top priority. So if you’ve run into issues with your kitchen appliance, give us a call at your convenience! We’re here to make sure your oven is working as well as the day you bought it.