whirlpool front load washer leaking from bottom

Is Your Whirlpool Front Load Washer Leaking Water? Try This…

Though front load washers offer greater efficiency and cleaning power, they’re more prone to leaks from a variety of locations. Why is my Whirlpool washing machine leaking? A dirty door gasket can prevent the door from closing properly, causing leaks from the front of the washer. Learn the most common sources for a Whirlpool front load washer leaking water and how to prevent them from recurring.

4 Common Sources for a Whirlpool Front Load Washer Leaking Water

As concerning as washer leaks can be, most are fixed with a DIY adjustment or repair and prevented with some simple user tips. Here’s how to determine the reason for a Whirlpool front load washer leaking water from four common sources.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Leaking From Door

A Whirlpool washer leaking from the door could have clothing or debris caught in the door seal, preventing proper closure. Before starting a wash cycle, check the seal for trapped items and remove them so the door can close properly. Avoid overfilling the washer with too much clothing that can fall over the seal when loading.

If there are no items blocking the door seal, check it for dirt or damage. A buildup of dirt and mildew can compromise the seal’s airtight closure, causing leaks. Meanwhile, holes or tears in the rubber seal can also result in a washing machine leaking from the front door. While a dirty seal can be wiped clean with warm water and soap, any damage means it must be replaced.

Washer Leaking from the Back

If you find your washer leaking from the back, there is likely an issue with one of the hoses. The hot and cold water inlet hoses and drain hose are often made of rubber that can kink, crack or loosen, causing leaks. 

Here’s how to assess for washer hose leaks:

  • Make sure each hose is securely installed: If any hose is leaking at its connection point, tighten it with a wrench to stop the leak.
  • Straighten kinks: Kinks can restrict water flow, causing backups. If your washing machine isn’t draining or is leaking from the back, check each hose for kinks. It may be necessary to disconnect the hose from the washer to straighten the kink.
  • Look for damage: Cracks or holes are common over time and are often responsible for leaks. If any hose is damaged, it must be replaced.

Whirlpool front load washer leaking

Washer Leaking from the Bottom

Is your washer leaking during spin cycle? Too much detergent may cause these leaks. An excess of suds can block water from draining, resulting in a Whirlpool front load washer leaking from bottom while spinning. To prevent leaks, refer to the package instructions when adding detergent and measure accurately to ensure you use the right amount.

Washing Machine Detergent Drawer Leaking

A washing machine leaking soapy water from the detergent drawer can also be a victim of too much detergent. Adding excessive amounts can cause a buildup of residue that blocks the drawer’s dispenser tube, causing backups that result in leaks. Always measure detergent accurately and in accordance with the package instructions.

Over time, detergent residue may also build up within the dispenser drawer, resulting in improper closure that causes leaks. Refer to your user manual to determine how to remove the dispenser drawer for regular cleanings to remove residue.

How to Prevent Washer Leaks

With proper use and care, it’s easy to prevent a Whirlpool front load washer leaking water.

Avoid front load washer leaks with these simple tips:

  • Clean the door gasket and dispenser drawer regularly: Regular monthly cleanings can prevent the build-up of mold and mildew that can result in improper closure and leaks.
  • Use the right detergent in the correct amounts: To prevent too many suds, always use HE detergent in front load washers and avoid adding too much.
  • Run a monthly tub clean cycle: Cleaning the washer tub on a monthly basis removes any sudsy residue, debris or buildup that can cause blockages and leaks. Refer to your Whirlpool washer user manual to determine the right tub cleaning procedure for your model washer.

Are front load washer leaks still leaving you with a mess on laundry day? Call A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service for an expert Whirlpool washer repair.

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