Your refrigerator is arguably the most important household appliance you own. Because of this, if something goes awry, panic can set in. However, if you find your refrigerator noisy, don’t assume the worst just yet.

It’s normal if your refrigerator hums at a low level from time to time. It’s just doing its job to maintain a steady, cool temperature. But if your refrigerator is loud and running constantly, it’s time to investigate.

Troubleshooting Guide: Refrigerator Noisy

There are a few reasons why you’ll find your refrigerator noisy. Take a look:

Fan Blades Are Blocked

Two fans in your refrigerator could cause loud noises: the evaporator fan and the condenser fan. The evaporator fan is found behind the back panel in the freezer and circulates cold air throughout both compartments. The condenser fan is usually located underneath the unit and blows cold air onto the condenser coils.

Both blades need to be checked for cracks and obstructions. Either issue will cause a substantial amount of noise. If the blades are damaged in any way, they should be replaced. Clear any dust and debris that are in the way of the fans and see if that resolves your noise problem.

Condenser Fan Motor is Defective

Is your refrigerator noisy still? Then the condenser fan motor itself could be the culprit. Unplug the unit, pull it away from the wall, and locate the condenser fan motor behind the rear access panel.

Test the motor’s integrity by turning the fan blades manually. If they do not move freely, the motor is worn or defective. The motor needs replacement if it’s not working properly.

refrigerator noisy

Photo Credit: Mark Miller

Compressor is Failing

If all else fails, your refrigerator compressor may be the cause for refrigerator banging noises. If it’s truly the compressor that’s failing, you’ll hear knocking or banding noises as it turns on and off.

Compressors are made to last for years. As such, you’ll need an accurate diagnosis from an expert to know it’s failing as this is one of the less common refrigerator problems you’ll come across.

If your troubleshooting leaves you stumped, call A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service for refrigerator repair today.