Top 4 Questions to Ask Before Repairing versus Replacing an Appliance

The ice cream has turned to liquid in your refrigerator, your oven won’t heat, and your dryer stopped spinning. Hopefully, all three of these issues do not happen at the same time, or at all. If they do, then you are probably wondering whether to repair or replace the item. With so many available options, replacing an appliance can be a stressful and expensive experience so it may be best to contact an appliance repair company. Before doing so, ask yourself the following four questions:

One: How old is the appliance?

The age of your appliance maybe the best determinant to either repair or replace. Add 50% to the age of the appliance and the repair cost. For instance, if the appliance is more than halfway through its lifecycle and the repair cost is more than half of the original cost, it probably is not worth it.

Two: Do you need a more energy efficient option?

Energy bills are a critical factor in determining your next move. If the old appliance has a poor energy-efficiency rating than the newer models, you could save money with a new appliance. However, if you have a newer model that is Energy Star certified, an appliance repair could be the best option.

Do you need a more stylish appliance?

For some, the dishwasher breaking is a sign to buy a more stylish option to match the new refrigerator. For others, style is irrelevant, and they want the appliance to function as intended. The preference is completely personal. Which do you prefer?

Will improved maintenance extend the life cycle of the appliance?

In some instances, you could delay an appliance repair by adopting best maintenance practices such as cleaning your range top, vacuuming your refrigerator condenser coils and not overloading your washer and dryer.