How Efficiency Washers Save You Money | A-Tech Appliance

Washing machines are a must for most households. The ability to wash clothing inside the home is not only convenient, but over time, is more cost-efficient than continually heading out to the laundry-mart. However, it is possible to save even more money, as efficiency washers cut down on nearly everything used by a standard washing machine. At A-Tech Appliance, we are here to assist with not only finding the right replacement washing machine, but to help select the best money saving opportunity.

Less Water Usage

An efficiency washer uses far less water than a traditional washing machine. This can save hundreds of gallons of water throughout the course of a year, which leads to substantial savings. In addition to this, many of the latest models can clean just as well using cold water as an older unit can with warm water. By no longer needing to heat the water, the potential savings increases dramatically.

Energy Savings

The beauty of an efficiency washing machine is you’ll save on energy as well as water. Washing machines, especially dated machines, can use a substantial amount of energy to run. There are many washing machines that require both a gas and an electric connection, which uses up a considerable amount of energy even for smaller loads. By switching to an energy efficient model, every time you run a load of laundry, you’ll save money over your old unit.

By switching to efficiency washers, a household can save hundreds of dollars annually. However, selecting the right efficiency washer can often prove a bit of a challenge. That is why our team at A-Tech Appliance is here to assist. So whether you have a question about washing machines, or are ready to set up an in-home installation, we have a certified technician standing by to help.