How to Fix a Leaking Washer | A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service

Fixing a leaking washer might sound like a tall order for most people, but it’s not always difficult. There are a lot of easy-to-fix causes for a leak. A good rule of thumb when any appliance acts up is to check the parts that are easiest to fix or replace. This will save you time and money, and in a worst-case scenario where the problem is something tougher, it will quickly narrow down your search.

Check the Hoses and Connections

First, look at the drain and fill hoses that are usually located at the back of the washer – these connect the washer to your household plumbing. Make sure the threaded fittings are securely fastened and tighten them if necessary. If that doesn’t do the trick, check the internal hoses. A leak in the inlet hose connecting to the tub or in the detergent dispenser is a common cause for leaks during the fill cycle. Also check the drain hose. If there’s a leak during the wash cycle, a perforated or cracked drain hose could be the culprit.

Look out for the Pump

The drain pump does exactly what it sounds like: removes water from the tub after the wash and rinse cycles are done. Pumps experience high pressures, and it’s very possible that a pump’s connections might crack or loosen over time.

Not an Easy Fix? Not a Problem!

Not every appliance problem can be fixed on the fly with a screwdriver. For more serious issues with a leaking washer, you’ll need the help of a seasoned professional. Modern washers are complex appliances that occasionally need a factory-trained technician’s skill to fix and that’s where A-Tech Appliance Parts and Service comes in. You can schedule a service visit with our experienced and factory-trained staff whenever you need help.