Common Dishwasher Repairs | Home Appliances

Of all your home appliances, your dishwasher is one of the few that is used almost every day. A good machine can tackle even the greasiest mess, making it essential to any kitchen. However, that convenience also leads it to become one of the appliances most frequently in need of repairs.

While most dishwashers are quite durable, everyday wear and tear can build up into a serious problem. Harsh detergents and unrinsed dishes speed the corrosion process, leading to ineffectual washing elements. A set of upper and lower spray arms clean your dishes, which can break or deteriorate with frequent washing. Even with careful use, rinsing mechanisms can get clogged from food particles and leave your dishes greasy and spotted at the end of the cycle.

Although well rinsed dishes and soft detergents can help slow corrosion, everyday use will eventually wear down your washer. Gaskets, which help seal your appliance door, inevitably wear away leaving leaks and puddles on your floor. While these can be changed yourself with a bit of help, an experienced repair person is essential for bigger issues like broken spray arms, clogged drainage pumps, and motor replacement. Without all pieces in neat and tidy condition, your clean dishes can quickly become a greasy, sticky mess.

While using good detergent and dishwasher safe materials helps slow problems, is here for you when appliance issues get tough. Their factory trained service team brings you quick, professional repairs to all your home appliances for when you need a dishwasher that leaves your kitchen sparkling clean.