Just like any other appliance, the freezer requires careful handling and frequent repair. Freezer problems become noticeable in about a year after using it depending on the freezer brand. Hence, it is advisable to invest in reputable brands. Here are the five most common freezer problems and their solutions.

Unusual Freezer Noises

Every freezer has the usual sound it constantly makes when creating ice. However, when I hear a deeper or louder sound, then I know there’s a faulty issue. I’ll confirm if the appliance is cold. If not, then I’ll know the evaporator fan motor needs replacement.

Constant Cycling

If the cycling occurs constantly, it means the freezer needs cleaning. This often occurs when debris builds up in the condenser coils. The solution is to conduct a cleaning session. For this, I use a piece of clean cloth to gently wipe the coils or brush the coils with a soft brush to get rid of such freezer problems.

Leaking Water

Another freezer problem I face is seeing drops or handful amounts of water under the freezer. Sometimes I switch off the freezer and forget to switch it back on then the ice defrosts. However, it could also be that food particles have blocked the defrost drainage hose. To solve this, I use a small funnel and warm water to flush the drain hose.

Ice Buildup

When my freezer winters up, it means I have been leaving the freezer door open constantly or my door is faulty and doesn’t close as it should. When the door is left open for long, the humidity levels rise and ice builds up even around the door. It is important to ensure the door is tightly closed and fixed if faulty.

If you are noticing any issues with your freezer, call the appliance professionals at A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service in Springdale, Arkansas.