Garbage disposals are rather straight forward appliances, yet from time to time the devices may run into the occasional problem. At ATech Appliance, we are able to assist you with all of these common issues with garbage disposals. 


One of the most common issues with garbage disposals is the blades jamming up. This occurs when certain items are placed down the disposal that it either can’t cut or it corrodes the area around the blades, preventing the blades from spinning. Egg shells, coffee grinds, seeds and other small items will collect around the blades and not always wash away. The best way to prevent jamming is to simply be mindful of what is placed into the disposal in the first place. 

Backed Up

There are a few reasons why the garbage disposal might be backed up and not draining. It might be college from too much debris. There may also be an issue with the line running from the dishwasher to the garbage disposal. Typically, when water isn’t draining properly it can be troubleshooted and corrected without substantial (if any) repairs. 


If a garbage disposal jam isn’t fixed in a timely manor, or if too much material is placed into the disposal at once, it might begin to overheat. This overheating can lead to the shorting out of the motor in the disposal. when additional strain is placed on the blades, it causes the motor to work overtime. Should the motor work overtime it increases the chance of it shorting out. If this happens the motor needs to be replaced (if not the entire unit).

No matter what kind of issues you’re experiencing with your disposal, our team at A-Tech Appliance is here to assist. So give us a call with all of your appliance concerns and needs.