The vent hoods over the stove are wonderful contraptions, but the kitchen quickly becomes an uncomfortable place when they stop working. A broken vent hood causes smoke and grease to build up on cabinets, which creates quite a mess.

When Hoods Don’t Function

Here are some tips to help you when there is an issue with your vent hood:

  • Turn off the vent and clean the hood using a non-abrasive spray such as a general cleaner or degreaser. Avoid putting any cleaner on the light bulb or its socket.
  • Check and clean the mesh filter by washing it with dish soap and warm water. Rinse the filter and let it dry thoroughly before reconnecting it to the hood.
  • The duct for vent hoods resembles a fireplace flue in that it can catch fire when there is a lot of grease buildup. Regular cleaning will eliminate this problem, and will also prolong blower motor life, which can slow down or rattle if grease builds up on the duct.
  • The charcoal filter may need replacing, specifically with recirculating hoods.

When To Call For Help

Vent hood issues can be difficult to solve on your own, and it is often a good idea to ask for help. In most cases, repairing your current vent hood is more cost effective than buying a new hood, and our A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service technicians agree. We’ve repaired many home appliances, such as vent hoods, ranges, dishwashers, ice machines, microwaves and many more.

Not everyone has the time to mess around with fixing appliances, so let us do it for you. We know our way around the area, including Little Rock, Fort Smith, and NWA. We provide well-trained, courteous and professional technicians who are familiar with nearly every appliance on the market. Contact us today.