The kitchen vent hood is a helpful tool to have in your household while preparing food. It is a small appliance that prevents exhaust fumes from escaping the kitchen, and yet you likely don’t think about it all that often. If there are problems with vent hoods in your home, it can cause other problems while cooking. You likely won’t run into too many problems with vent hoods, but if you do, these are some of the most common issues.

Motor Problems

If the vent hood doesn’t work at all, the motor may be blown out. If there is a clunky, odd noise coming from your vent, it may be due to a dying motor (or even something stuck inside of it). Replacing the motor may be necessary, yet thankfully it isn’t a difficult repair to perform.

Rattle Noises

When running the vent hood, if there is a rattling noise, it means something is loose. This can be anything from a loose screw to a damaged component. You can examine the vent for screws not fully fastened. If this does not correct the problem, A-Tech Appliance can identify the faulty area of the vent and correct the issue.

Wiring Problems

The ventilation system of the kitchen vent does not have many moving parts. However, it does deal with grease, oil and moisture. All of these different ingredients can build up along key areas of your vent, including the wiring, potentially disabling the unit. Repairing faulty wires will restore the functionality of the kitchen hood.

If you are running into problems with your vent hoods, you need to contact the professionals at A-Tech Appliance! From a motor issue to power failures, the professionals at A-Tech Appliance can assist you. Contact them today to have your vent hoods or other appliances adjusted, repaired or replaced.