Is the dishwasher running but not draining? | A-Tech

The dishwasher helps make life a lot easier. It takes care of most of your dirty dishes so that you can take care of all your other tasks and chores. Because it’s such an important home appliance, you need to have any problems with the appliance corrected quickly. At A-Tech Appliance, we have the service technicians ready to assist, no matter what the trouble may be.

Not Draining

Is the dishwasher running but not draining? That means there is a clog somewhere. Check for debris around the bottom of the appliance. There may also be a clog in the garbage disposal. If there are no apparent signs of a clog in either place, it means there is something stuck internally and it is time to give the pros a call.

Doesn’t Run

If you turn the appliance on and nothing happens, check to make sure the door is properly closing and latching. If the appliance still doesn’t run, you probably need a new motor. Tech Appliance can help make this repair quick and easy.


The only thing worse than an appliance that doesn’t work is one that leaks water. Leaking water usually comes from a damaged tube under the bottom of your appliance. Since there are both water and electrical in the same location, avoid running the dishwasher until a professional can come in and correct the problem.

At A-Tech Appliance, we are here to assist, no matter the problem. If you have issues with your appliance, our certified and trained technicians can identify them and correct them quickly or talk to you about replacement options. Luckily, most dishwasher problems are minor and easy to correct.