Your garbage disposal is a very helpful kitchen appliance when it’s working properly. By instantly eliminating food waste, it makes preparing a meal and cleaning up afterward faster and more efficient. However, there are certain food items you should never put down your garage disposal since it increases the chance of damage, clogs and other issues with your sink.

While the professionals at A-Tech Appliance want to work with you on all of your appliance needs, we also want to make sure you avoid unnecessary repairs. You can do this by not putting the following down your garbage disposal:

Coffee Grinds

You’d think coffee grinds wouldn’t be much of an issue, but grinds can cling to the blades, making them difficult to turn. Over time, this forces the motor to expel extra energy, which may eventually burn out the motor completely!

Egg Shells

Egg shells fall into a similar category as coffee grinds. When they’re poured into garbage disposals, the shells stick and may cause problems with the motor.


Bones are never going to be completely ground down. Instead, they just become a rattle in the bottom of garbage disposals, constantly spinning and shaking around.


This may come as a surprise, but the stringy fibers of celery can become tangled around the blades of any home garbage disposal.

Whether you have a problem with your garbage disposal or another appliance, the team at A-Tech Appliance wants to make sure your appliances work as well as the day you bought them. So if you have any problems with your current appliances, give us a call. We’re here to help in every way possible!