The garbage disposal isn’t something you normally think about since you only use it for about 15 seconds out of the day, but you do think about it often when it’s making weird noises, working poorly and frustrating the heck out of you. Noises tend to vary depending on what is going on with the device starting with the:


Anytime there is rattling coming from the disposal it usually means something is stuck around the blades, that is hard to grind up. When this occurs you have to unplug the device from the outlet,  put on gloves and pull the object out by hand. Sometimes you have to use the skinny kitchen tongs to do the trick if the object is lodged into a spot that is hard to reach, but once it is removed the rattling noise stops.


The swirling noise is one to dread because it usually means debris is trapped between the grinder blades. The only way to get this noise to stop is to shut off the unit, grab a wrench and manually crank the garbage disposal to spin the flywheels until the debris comes free. Sometimes this is difficult to do and often leaves you calling in the professionals.


When you hear the swishing noise you know for sure the disposal is clogged. The only way to rid the noise is to shut off the disposal, unplug it and unclog the device by hand, or with liquid clog remover. If that doesn’t work it’s time to call the plumber.

Keep in Mind

If you don’t feel you can fix your noisy garbage disposals safely, it is wise to call in the professionals.  A-Tech Appliance Parts and Services are some of the best professionals to call for handling all your garbage disposals issues.