In order to extend the life of your washing machines and dryer, you’ll want to follow a few basic maintenance tips. These are easy to follow and don’t require much from you. Should you require additional assistance with further repairs and maintenance, you can contact our team at A-Tech Repair.

Clean Out Lint Traps

Always make sure to clean out the lint traps both in the dryer and in washing machines. Lint often collects where the detergent is dispensed. Cleaning this out helps reduce the possibility of a fire while also improving the smell of your clothes.

Check the Vent Line Running from the Dryer

This vent line runs to the outside of your house and connects to the rear of the dryer. It also collects lint and becomes a fire hazard when not cleaned out. Since it is out of sight, it’s often out of mind. So, avoid the fire hazard, and clean out this vent line.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Over time, your washing machine will eventually begin to collect bacteria and even mildew. While this happens for a number of reasons, you’ll want to avoid this as it will make your clothes smell. That is why you need to clean the washing machine every few months or so. There are washing machine cleaning detergents you can pick up and run in a cycle. This will help keep your clothes always smelling fresh.

By performing these basic tips for your washing machines and dryers, you’ll extend the life of these appliances while reducing the chance of property damage and cutting down on your energy bills. Should you have further questions on how to maintain your appliances or what kind of upgrade is best for you, give our team at A-Tech Repair a call at your earliest convenience.