Are you running into problems with your dryer? Maybe the clothes aren’t drying completely or the dryer sounds like it’s about to bang through every wall in the house. If you are having problems with your clothes dryer, there’s a good chance the dryer belt is broken. Here at A-Tech Appliance, we want to help educate you about what to look for. That way, you’ll know how to go about correcting it—or at least what to do next.

Loud Banging

Does it sound like the appliance is banging very loudly? If so, it means the drum inside is not being held down correctly and is banging from one side to the other. That can mean the belt is broken or one of the rollers isn’t working.

Drum Not Spinning

The belt is needed to turn the drum. If you open the clothes dryer while it’s running and you notice that the drum isn’t spinning, it’s likely the belt has snapped. If so, your clothes won’t dry correctly and they might even burn.

At A-Tech Appliance, we’re here to help with all your appliance repair needs—including dryers that aren’t working properly. If the belt has broken, we can walk you through the repair process or we can come out and perform the repair for you. Either way, we’re able to assist you every step of the way. So give us a call with any repair questions you might have.