Is Your Oven Temperature Correct? | Common Oven Issues

Have you ever followed a recipe, timing and all, only to discover your dish is either not even close to finish baking or it’s so overdone you can’t even eat it? Why would this happen? Well, as long as you did follow the recipe instructions correctly the problem is probably with the oven. Over time, the oven temperature will change. While you set it to 350 degrees it may actually be cooking at 330. Over the course of an hour, these 20 degrees makes a huge difference. That’s exactly why you need to know if your temperature is correct.

Testing Your Oven Temperature

It is pretty simple to test your oven temperature. First, buy an oven-safe thermometer. You can get one at a local grocery store for a few dollars. Now, place it in the oven and turn the oven on to a higher temperature (such as 350 or 400 degrees).

Give it enough time to heat up, then check the displayed temperature. This is the temperature in the oven. However, if you’re 20 degrees lower than the oven temperature should you can’t just increase the oven by 20 degrees as the temperature is likely to fluctuate as well. Due to this, it is better to have it repaired than to just guess at the correct temperature.

Appliance Repair Services

Our team at A-Tech Appliance Repair can help you with this problem. Much like a car, over time some of the parts will not function properly. Timing is just a bit off, which causes the performance issues. With our repair services will correct the temperature problem. This way, when you do follow those baking recipes you’ll know exactly what temperature you have your oven set at, giving you the perfect cooking temp.