How to Maintain Your Clothes Dryer | Home Appliance Repair | Little Rock

Maintaining your clothes dryer not only extends the life of the appliance, it helps to avoid potential fires. At A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service, we want to make sure an appliance runs as it should while keeping you safe at the same time. To do this, here are several tips on how to maintain your clothes dryer.

Clean Out the Lint

Make sure to do this after every load. Even if your lint trap doesn’t fill up after every cycle, you’ll improve efficiency by emptying it out. Make sure to grab the lint that is behind the trap also.

Dry Off the Door

Are there wet spots on your appliance? Perhaps areas around the door’s seal remain moist after running a cycle. If there are any wet spots you need to dry it off. This prevents the development of mold!

Check Dryer Tubes

From time to time, check the air duct tubes coming from the rear of your machine. There is a good chance some lint has collected here. Over time, the lint will not only build up but it may increase the chance of a lint fire. It is easy to disconnect and re-connect the tub to your machine after cleaning.

Don’t Overload

This goes for both washers and dryers. Never overload. It is better to go with a smaller load than a larger one. Putting too many items inside increases the chance of burning out the motor, which will require you to replace it. Should this happen though, we at ATech Appliance can assist in restoring your appliance back to its like-new condition.

If you ever run into problems with your clothes dryer, washing machine, or other appliance, make sure to reach out to us at A-Tech Appliance today! We are here to service all of your home appliances.