Microwave Acting Up? Call The Professionals | A-Tech Appliance

As a key appliance in many modern kitchens, the microwave can cause serious headaches when something goes wrong with it. The good news is – you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thanks to A-Tech’s round the clock services, you can now get professional microwave repairs anytime, anywhere within North West Arkansas, Fort Smith, and Little Rock.

Our repair services are ready to handle the following issues (among many others):

  • Will not run: There are many things that can cause microwaves to stop running. It could be a malfunctioning door switch, a broken thermal fuse, or a problem in the door interlock system. A-Tech technicians will come in and fix these issues in a flash.
  • Touchpad that doesn’t respond: The touchpad is the only way to control the microwave – so if it goes, so does the entire appliance. We can help fix that.
  • Runs but does not heat: This is often caused by a problem in the microwave’s high-voltage diode or magnetron. We can have those parts fixed quickly to return your microwave to its useful state.
  • Fan that doesn’t work: Microwaves come with an exhaust fan on the bottom of the unit to help with cooling. If the fan stops working, there could be a problem with the charcoal filter or grease filter. We can repair and replace both.
  • Tray that won’t turn: The microwave tray is supposed to turn while in use to ensure even heating. If it refuses to turn, you could end up with poorly cooked food. A-Tech technicians have the skill to diagnose and repair all microwave tray issues.

If you’re experiencing these, or any other issues with your microwave, just give us a call. We’ll be there in no time.