Garbage disposals are helpful appliances in your kitchen that make cleanup and food prep easy. However, there are certain items you should never put down garbage disposals, as they can lead to clogging of your disposal, not to mention motor damage and the need to replace the entire unit. Here are just a few of the items you should not put in your garbage disposal.

Coffee Grinds

One of the biggest problems with a garbage disposal is coffee grinds. Perhaps you’re cleaning your coffee maker out, or you use a French press to make your coffee. Whatever the reason, these grinds corrode the interior of the disposal and make the blades stop working. They can also overload the motor while the disposal attempts to run, resulting in a burnout.

Egg Shells

Much in the same way as coffee grinds, egg shells should not be added to a disposal. The shells will stick to the side of the disposal and cause problems further down the line.

Fruit Pits

Fruit pits are hard. Whether you’re dealing with the pit of a plum or that of an avocado, these pits will dull the blades on your disposal quickly and most likely clog up your entire drainage system in the kitchen. So, whenever dealing with fruit pits you should look to just toss it into the garbage or into your compost pile.


This one might catch you a bit by surprise, but when you put celery down the garbage disposal, the fiber strings from the celery begin to tangle around the blades.

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