Our Top 3 FAQs About Washing Machines | A-Tech Appliance

With just a little bit of proper maintenance, you’ll significantly extend the life of your washing machine. Washing machines tend to last longer than the dryer counterparts as it doesn’t deal with the excessive heat. However, even with that said, there are a few tips you need to educate yourself on. At A-Tech Appliance, it is our goal to help your appliance remain running for as long as possible, so here are our three frequently asked questions about washing machines.

Clothes Smell Coming Out

If your clothes smell even after washing it usually means the culprit is within the washing machine. Remove any lint from the washing machine, which often collects on the central spindle (if you have a top loading machine). Adding in a washing machine cleaning soap once every few months will help keep it running clean as well.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace?

Washing machines can last a long time. Often, repairs cost less than replacing the unit as well. However, you need to consider the age of the appliance. If it’s over ten years old, a new washing machine will bring a host of added features while saving you money on every wash.

Loud Banging Noises

If your appliance makes loud banging noises while running, it means the belt is likely off (or wearing down). When this happens, the chamber bangs against the frame of the washing machine. Our service technicians can stop by and correct this issue for you.

By following these three frequently asked questions regarding our washing machines, you’ll not only extend the life of the appliance, but you’ll improve the quality of the wash as well. Should you run into additional problems though it is important to give our team at A-Tech Appliance a call at your earliest convenience.