Problems You Might Be Having With Your Dishwasher | A-Tech Appliance

A dishwasher has many moving parts and also connects to several different utilities. This typically adds up to an appliance more likely to run into potential problems than others. Thankfully, most of these issues are easily fixed and don’t require a complete replacement. Whatever the problem may be though, our team at A-Tech Appliance is here to help. Here are just a handful of the most common problems you may experience with the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Arm Not Working

Whether you call it an arm, wand or any other name, when water fails to spray out correctly, the dishes will not wash. Even if everything else in the dishwasher is working correctly, a failure here prevents anything from becoming clean. Sometimes there is a small clog within the arm. Other times the arm needs to be replaced. Whatever the issue, it is a common one that can be corrected easily.

Appliance Doesn’t Drain

There are a handful of reasons why the appliance fails to drain. First, food may have collected in the drain pain at the bottom of the device. Other times, the problem lies within either the connected garbage disposal or the hose connecting the two. Having both of these cleared out usually corrects the problem. If it doesn’t it means there is a clog somewhere else that may require some general troubleshooting and replacement parts.

Cycle Doesn’t Run

If the appliance doesn’t run, there may be a problem with the latch signing the door is closed. 

Whether you have a brand new dishwasher or one seemingly as old as your home, our team at A-Tech Appliance team is here to help! From general repairs and replacement parts to installing new units altogether, feel free to contact us whenever you have a question or are ready to book a service.