Maintaining Appliances

Your home’s washer and dryer are likely two of the most used appliances you own. With their continual use, you increase the chance of damaging important interior components or running into other problems which may require professional examination.

If you have started to notice one of your appliances are not working correctly, or it is dealing with a machine that has stopped working altogether, now is the time to give our team at A-Tech Appliance a call.

Repairs Usually Save You Money

By repairing your damaged washer or dryer, you will likely save a considerable amount of money. First, a repair is almost always less expensive than replacement of an appliance. Expect us to give our recommendations and your best options first, so you can make the final decision.

Otherwise, if your washer or dryer continue malfunctioning, you’ll be forced into using a coin-operated laundry facility or some other solution. This can become inconvenient, and surprisingly expensive after a few weeks. With our services you will keep your device, avoiding such a hassle.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our team members are licensed, certified, and insured professionals who are experienced in washer and dryer repair. Plus, we perform extensive background checks on all of our technicians, so when you let a technician into your home after giving us a call, you can rest easy.

Avoiding Hassle

When your washer or dryer don’t work right, there will be many inconveniences you’ll have to endure which are time-consuming and add up quickly. At a laundromat, only $8 a load every week becomes $416 a year, excluding detergent costs. You conserve time and money by giving A-Tech Appliance a call. We c