The 5 Most Common Oven Problems | A-Tech Appliance

With faulty ovens, your food can burn, overcook or just come out wrong. Here are five common issues with ovens.

1. Temperature Inconsistency

You can test the thermostat’s accuracy by preheating the oven and checking the temperature with a thermometer. Use the manufacturer’s manual to recalibrate your oven if needed. There are screws located at the back of the temperature knobs that you’ll need to turn. If the thermostat is faulty, replace it.

2. Oven Not Heating

One common reason is a damaged igniter. All you have to do is replace the igniter.

3. Burner Element Problems 

Improper cooking is a result of issues with the burner element. To do this, first disconnect power to the stove, then remove the element. Once the element is out, test it. If it is faulty, replace it. Another way to know if the elements are working well is by visually checking to see if they are glowing red. If not, you should know that they are not heating.

4. Oven Light Not Working

First, try to replace the bulb. If this does not work, the issue could be the result of faulty connecting wire or electronic controls. Since there is the danger of electrocution, this is one of the issues that you will need professional help with.

5. Rust

Over time, a hole may develop on the side of the oven due to moisture and cooking. Repairing this can be very expensive. When this happens, the best thing to do is buy a new oven.  Remember that you can always call professionals to assist you with your oven.

No matter what kind of oven problem you’re having, contact A-Tech Appliance for quality repairs. Our team can determine what’s causing the problem and fix it promptly.