There’s nothing worse than popping something into the oven, setting it, then returning an hour lateR only to find the oven hasn’t turned on at all. When this happens, it may mean the baking element in your range isn’t working at all. Whatever the issue is, if the baking element on your range is out there’s usually a very specific reason behind it. Our team at A-Tech Appliance is here to help, regardless of what’s causing the problem!

Damaged Element

It is possible the heating element itself has burned out or the connector has become damaged. Much like the stovetop heating elements, the baking element connects to a port on the back-end of the oven. This plugs in and converts the electricity into heat, allowing the element to reach the desired temperature. Over time, this connection can become corroded and dirty. The connection might need cleaning. On the other hand, it might need to be replaced.

It’s possible only part of the element heats up while the other half doesn’t. This comes down to the heating element’s construction, although if part of the element is working and another part isn’t then the entire element needs to be replaced. A new heating element will restore functionality to your oven and improve temperature consistency.

When your baking element is no longer working it is important for you to have this problem taken care of and addressed right away. There are a number of potential issues that might be causing this issue. Whatever the problem is, our team at A-Tech Appliance is here to help. So give our team a call at your earliest convenience and we’ll be there to help.