The Top 3 Most Common Appliance Service Questions Answered | A-Tech

Appliances break down all the time. When this happens, you may have several questions. Let’s answer the top three questions we’re usually asked.

Q1: Should I repair or replace?

You just discovered the refrigerator isn’t working or the inlet hose of your washing machine is leaking. You’re now wondering whether it would be a good idea to repair the appliance or if you should go ahead and buy a new one.

Our answer is – consider repair first and replace only if repairing wouldn’t solve the problem long-term. Situations where a repair may not be the long-term solution, include when the appliance is aging and when the cost of repair is more than half the replacement cost.

Q2: The appliance doesn’t turn one

This happens all the time. You come back home late and the gas won’t produce heat. Or, it could be the washer, refrigerator, dryer, etc.

While there can be an underlying problem, the first step is to confirm that the appliance is getting power. Ensure that the cord is in good shape and that the main supply has power. Then turn the appliance on. If the problem persists, call an appliance repair company.

Q3: The appliance is loud or noisy

Appliances get loud and noisy for many reasons. But the three main causes of loud noises are:

  • blocked fans
  • broken internal components
  • loose parts

Only an experienced appliance repair company can diagnose and fix those issues.

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