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You try to light the oven, and all you hear is the igniter making a “clicking” sound. So, you try again and again and again – and nothing happens. Instead of the igniter catching fire after several attempts, even the clicking sound goes away, and all you’re left with is a cold oven.

Here’s why you might need oven repair in Fort Smith:

  • One of the heating elements is defective

An electric oven has two elements: one at the bottom for boiling and another at the top for baking. You can easily tell when any of those elements has burnt out or isn’t working. Set the oven to “pre-bake,” and see whether both elements turn on. If one doesn’t turn on, it could be broken and should be replaced.

  • The temperature sensor or bulb isn’t working

A majority of ovens have a temperature sensor. Whenever that sensor blows out, the oven may not heat correctly. If yours doesn’t have a sensor, then it will have a temperature-sensing bulb to control temperatures. A burnt out or loose bulb can also cause the oven not to heat up.

  • The thermostat or selector switch is burnt out

A defective thermostat may not be able to detect heat, leading to heating issues. The selector switch changes your setting. A faulty switch may not be able to do that, resulting in heating problems.

  • The igniter is out

To find out if this is the case, pull your oven away from the wall, shut off the gas and remove the igniter by unbolting it. Then use a multimeter to test for power continuity. If your multimeter does not register between 0-1100 ohms, it has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.

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