Your home’s vent has very few moving parts, yet plays a pivotal role in removing smoke, steam, and other airborne cooking material before it can spread to other areas of the room or house.

Despite having very few moving parts, vent hoods can run into occasional problems. Should you find yourself in need of vent hood repair in Fort Smith, our team at A-Tech Appliance can assist in troubleshooting the matter and, when needed, come to your home and make the required repairs.

Clean The Vent

If the vent fails to run, make sure to give it a complete cleaning. Over time, oil will begin to collect inside the vent, which can corrode and cause problems.

By cleaning the vent with a specially designed vent cleaner, you may find the problems all stemmed from corrosion. Also, to avoid these kinds of issues, make sure to clean your vent hood every few weeks (if not every time you clean your kitchen) to prevent this kind of oil and debris buildup.

Motor Problems

More likely than not, if your vent hood has a problem it likely is the motor. As this is one of the few moving parts within the vent it is typically the first place to start.

If the vent light turns on but the fan doesn’t work, there is a good chance the vent motor needs to be replaced.

Electrical Connection

If neither the light or the fan works, there’s probably an electrical issue. As long as the other appliances in the kitchen work, there is a faulty connection within the vent.

When you’re in need of vent hood repair in Fort Smith, make sure to give our team at A-Tech Appliance a call. We’re here to help you and your appliance repair needs every step of the way.