There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling what should be clean clothes out of the washing machine, only to have the clothes smelling like eggs. You may not even notice the smell until after drying the clothes. Regardless of when you start smelling the off-putting aroma, you know this is not something that should be happening. So what makes your washer smell like eggs? At A-Tech Appliance, we are here to help diagnose the situation.

Why Does Your Washing Machine Smell?

Whether it is an odd egg smell, a musty smell or any other odor, this is typically caused because the water either isn’t completely draining at the end of a cycle, or you have dirt and lint clogged in the washing machine. Thankfully, you can usually correct this problem on your own.

Cleaning the Machine

For starters, you want to clean out the machine. Clean out the area where you add the detergent with a mild liquid detergent. Also, if you have a central spindle in the middle of the washer, remove it and pull out any lint, fur or other debris that might be stuck in it.

After you clean it out, run an empty cycle and add some bleach to it to kill off the bacteria.

Switch Detergents

Switch your current detergent to an “HE” detergent. This produces fewer suds, which helps cut down on bacteria development (smaller washing machines, like those found in apartments, are not able to handle a large amount of suds)

You should never be forced to take your clothing to an external cleaner simply because your washer is making the clothes smell odd. By correcting this issue, you’ll have clean, fresh smelling clothes once again. At A-Tech Appliance, we are here to assist you with your washer and all other appliance needs.