What To Do If Your Oven Won’t Heat Up | A-Tech Appliance

Electric ovens are fairly simple machines, but just like any other commonly used appliances, their parts can gradually wear or loosen. When this happens, ovens can either stop producing heat or fail to turn on. While the latter problem provides a starting point for diagnosis, the former becomes much more complicated to solve due to the numerous potential culprits and varying possibilities. Below are some of the things you need to do when you encounter an electric oven that won’t heat up.

Have the Bake and Broil Replaced

The bake and broil are the heating elements in your oven. These components can burn out or become corroded, which will subsequently render your oven ineffective. When this happens, the ideal solution is to have them replaced by a competent technician. At A-Tech Appliances, we have skilled professionals ready to replace the faulty components with new and high-quality parts to get your unit up and running within no time.

Check Your Fuses

In ovens with internal fuses, a fuse can blow due to a wiring problem. In such units, each component is equipped with its own fuse, and determining which one is blown is the first step in diagnosing the problem. While replacing a blown fuse appears to be the obvious solution, fuses shouldn’t be replaced before the primary cause has been diagnosed and fixed. You should, therefore, have professionals from A-Tech over to diagnose and fix the problem before installing a new fuse.

Ovens are vital kitchen components without which most families can’t survive. Over the past years, these appliances have become more technologically advanced and more difficult to fix. This is where our seasoned professionals from A-Tech come in handy. When your unit malfunctions, we have a well-equipped team at your disposal to handle all kinds of appliance repairs.