When looking for the right appliance repair service provider, there are a number of variables you need to consider. One of the most overlooked bullet points is the warranty. You need an appliance repair technician that stands by their work. Their warranties often demonstrate this. At A-Tech, we stand by our work which is why we have one of the best warranty offers in the industry. However, whoever you go with when searching for an appliance repair service here are a few points to consider.

Warranty’s Length

Companies that regularly provide inferior services and use poor products often provide short warranties (if there is any at all). A business that stands by the services it provides offers extended warranties because they know their work will not fail on you.

The Kind of Warranty

Your warranty should cover every aspect of the repair. This includes not only the service rendered by the parts. If there is a gap in it, there’s a good reason behind it. Companies that space gaps in their warranties do so because they know an issue is more likely to happen in this area of the repair (such as the wiring or faulty part). Warranties should be complete and cover every aspect of the repair. You should not be forced to pay for two repairs.

Whatever service provider you end with, it is important to look into what warranties are offered by the company. This provides a clear indication as to the quality of the technician’s work and whether or not you can trust the business. If you are in need of an appliance repair, have questions about our services or are ready to schedule an in-home consultation, feel free to contact our A-Tech team at your earliest convenience.