Appliances make life much easier. From extending the shelf life of food to baking meals, and heating the home, you likely rely on appliances for a considerable amount of your day to day activities. However, appliance safety is extremely important yet often overlooked. At A-Tech Appliance, we want to make sure you’re properly educated, not only on new appliances we install but the current equipment you have in your home.

Avoid Gas Leaks

Having a gas range or gas based furnace help save you money as gas is often far less expensive to use than electricity. However, with that said, gas also opens you up to potential danger. A gas leak isn’t easily detectable on your own and yet puts you in possible danger of gas explosions and breathing in carbon monoxide and dying. Even the smallest gas leak is a serious and dangerous issue you need to have serviced immediately.

Electrical Problems

When appliances run into electrical problems, it puts you at the possible risk of electrocution. Over time, appliance wires become frayed, which increases the chance of electricity jumping from the wire. Even small shocks and jolts can cause problems in your body, so if you have noticed any kind of electrical issues with appliances, it is important to have it serviced right away. If there are electrical issues with your home’s outlets or electrical grid, you need to bring in a certified and trained technician to have your electrical system inspected.

The more you know about your appliances, the better off you’ll be. Our team at A-Tech Appliance takes appliance safety seriously, so if you have questions about the safety of appliances you currently own or would like to know more about the precautions we take during installation, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.