So, you’ve just returned from work, ready to defrost some ground beef for tonight’s dinner. Maybe it’s early in the morning, and having woken up with a huge appetite, you were hoping to warm up last night’s leftovers before heading out. The thing is – when you turn on the microwave, it makes all kinds of noises! Should you be worried?

Well, not so much. Microwave noises are a common problem and often a huge nuisance. However, they are also not a cause for alarm. It’s probably just a minor issue that your technician can diagnose and fix within a few minutes.

From our experience, the top four causes of these unfamiliar sounds are a problem with one of the following:

  • Turntable Motor

The turntable is a small motor that slowly rotates glass in your appliance. After working tirelessly for years, it’s possible for age and elements, such as dust and dirt, to cause the turntable to malfunction and produce irritating noises when rotating.

  • Stirrer Motor

The stirrer motor distributes the microwave’s energy by rotating, causing food to cook evenly. An old, worn out stirrer motor could produce a grinding noise and should be replaced as soon as possible.

  • Exhaust Fan

Most microwaves have an exhaust fan to help with ventilation. This fan can begin producing strange sounds for several reasons. For instance, a broken fan blade may cause abnormal functioning. An old fan covered in dirt and dust may also rotate with difficulty, causing unusual sounds.

  • Magnetron Tube

The magnetron creates the frequency that warms food. A high-pitched sound coming from your microwave could be a sign that this tube is failing (burning out).

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